This feedback is from students who took my “Stress Less, Achieve More” class (see my about page). The names have been changed due to privacy laws protecting college students.

Note: If some of the language is awkward it is because English is a second language for many of my students.

A Whole New Person: Confident, Happy and Organized


My favorite part of this plan is that it helped me organize everything literally everything in life. Not only do I have less stress, but also my life has changed a lot. Physically, I feel less pain in my muscles and have improved digestion. Mentally, I feel so free: less stress, less frustration and I smile more. At first, I didn’t have any motivation but after applying what I learned I feel like a whole new person. I especially feel more confident and am making efforts to make myself prettier. This totally boosts my self-esteem a whole lot. I have never felt happy like this before and I see life is much nicer out there.

Nan N.


 Calming Down When Faced with Stress


 I didn’t initially believe that a change in perspective would help me overcome some of the obstacles faced in the last couple of weeks. In stressful situations it’s easier to calm myself down by changing the way I thought, as well as using the breathing techniques learned to calm myself down. The mind really influences the body, I’ve seen it work for others, but it usually wouldn’t work completely for me. I believed the results I received were worthwhile, I achieved my goal and could see the changes that happened mentally and physically by keeping a consistent record through my daily plan. My thought process throughout the whole project started positively and I was determined to see it through to the end with positivity.

Anna M.

Better Social Life and Organization

Because of my personal plan, I am more open around my peers and more organized. Before doing my personal plan, I was timid and less interested in talking to other people. I was also not organized and this constantly brought a lot of stress and made me less motivated. However, I am more active around my church and more motivated to meet new people. Another thing is that the way I organized to do this project helped me tremendously in organizing my time in school activities such as tests, homework and extracurricular activities.

Greg V.


Noticeably Better Mood


My favorite part about this project is how it improved my mood and overall well-being and decreased my stress levels. I learned to enjoy exercising, and it is now a part of my routine. This project helped me change my lifestyle by just incorporating a stress management technique in my life. What is more, my mood has improved so much that even the people around me have noticed the difference. I am glad I took this project seriously because it has made a big difference in my lifestyle.

Lynn  F.


The Ripple Effect of a Healthier Life


I thought this plan would help me achieve a healthier lifestyle and a less stressful life. I achieved both of these results because I immediately started to become more conscious about my poor eating habits and the lack of exercise in my life. At the end of week five I noticed how much my eating habits changed and how I now look forward to taking a walk. Also, taking a walk has been very therapeutic for me because the times I would walk outside I would listen to the cars and the birds, smell the air, and look at houses and I found it to be very relaxing. I think I achieved these results because I became more self-conscious of the poor decisions I was making and how I really needed to change them, so it motivated me to do better.

Laura R.


Increased Productivity and Relaxation


To begin with, it took a lot out of me to practice every day but once I began seeing the great results I continued pushing through. Seeing how I was completing more homework than usual and how relaxed I felt made me proud.

Sam V.

A Drastic Change in My Health


Honestly in my opinion this whole operation was a great success. Even though I only tracked just 5 weeks, my experiences throughout this journey have been pleasant. By looking back at my personal log, I can see a drastic change in my health. I can see patterns of how I live my life, and how I can change it as well.  I also loved that fact that I am more positive to others. I will be continuing this exercise because it is very fun to do. It is simple and requires little effort plus all the benefits that it provides. This will help me with my grand plan to live a long healthy life. This helped become a more positive and active person and I won’t stop now or anytime soon.

Tim S.


Achieving Confidence, Happiness and Better Grades


I can now manage my stress and be happier. After this class, I feel more confident about myself and always think positive. I think it is one of the best achievements I made in my life because even people can see the results in me. Also, in my school work I am making better grades than before.

 Belinda A.