I am a former college professor turned professional coach specializing in showing people how to use their brains to stress less and thrive in a demanding career.

The basis for my work comes from a popular course I created and taught as a 15-year professor at Georgia State University.


My students’ life-transforming success stories inspired me to take my teachings to the world.


When you choose me, you get an engaging speaker and experienced teacher who is thrilled to watch her audience transform their thinking and their lives.


I incorporate stories, analogies and interaction to bring my brain-based concepts to life.


As a speaker, I bridge the corporate and academic worlds with a background in technical, scientific and health fields, that helps me break through to stressed out, high-achieving executives and business owners.


Signature Talk for Professionals Dealing with Stress:


Train Your Brain to Stress Less and Thrive: For Professionals with No Time for Stress Management Techniques


Here is what stressed professionals typically tell me:

  • I can’t always focus because I feel so stressed and I’m worried it affects my performance.

  • I am afraid of long term consequences to my health because of stress.

  • My professional and personal relationships suffer when my stress levels rise.

  • I don’t have time for meditation and yoga.


You really don’t need a lot of invested time to create a better way to stress less.


In this talk you will learn new ways train your brain to respond to stress in a calm and productive way.


Here is some of what I cover:

  • How your brain works and how to upgrade from its default operating system, so you will feel powerful and resourceful in the face of constant change.


  • How to reprogram your brain to consciously respond to stress instead of overreacting, overthinking, overworking, and other coping strategies that have negative consequences, so you will create better results at work and at home.


  • How to feel in charge of your thoughts and move forward to accomplish more instead of being stuck in the worry loop of analysis paralysis that diminishes your functioning.


If this speaks to you, this talk will be exactly what you are looking for to put you on a path to thriving.


Speaking Experience

  • Delivered technical training to corporate organizations 1990-1995.

  • Brain-based health and wellness presentations to professional and general audiences 1995 to present.

  • Taught a popular course on stress, physiology, kinesiology and health at Georgia State University 2004-2018.

  • Speaking formats available include seminars, training, motivational, classroom, webinars and tele-classes.


Speaking Style

  • I engage the audience with interaction which includes thinking about how to apply concepts to their current situation.

  • I enjoy sharing stories to illustrate concepts and create examples that the audience can relate to.


Speaking Audience

  • Executives and key staff

  • Business owners

  • Professional associations

  • Professional networking groups



Short Bio Sample: As a professor at Georgia State University, Kelli Clay, MS created a college class in which she taught students to “Stress Less, Achieve More.” Her students’ life-transforming success stories inspired her to take her teachings to the corporate world. Students shared that they had better focus and energy for school, better grades, better relationships and a more positive outlook as a result of her teachings.  With her background in exercise physiology, coaching and mechanical engineering, Kelli has a unique way of reaching high-performers who tend to “live in their head” through her brain-based teachings.  To learn more about Kelli, click here. 



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25+ Years of Speaking and Teaching Experience Inspiring People to Stress Less and Thrive

I help people change the way they think about stress, so they become more productive, energetic and enthusiastic in their professional and personal life.