What stops us from achieving our goals in business and life?

  • It is not physical stressors.

    • Most of us are not cutting down trees.

  • It is not intellectual stressors.

    • Most of us are not solving high-level calculus equations.

  • It is emotional stressors.

    • An example is the stress of rejection when trying to make sales.

Imagine a workplace full of enthusiastic people

  • Who come in excited to work and ready to conquer the day

  • Who can shift from stressed and frustrated to challenged and confident of success

The Achieve Success with Less Stress method is not meditation or yoga.

  • It is learning how to manage your mind in a way that harnesses your stress for good.


  • It is based on a college class I created. The theme was “Stress Less; Achieve More.”

  • My students had such fabulous results, I decided to take it to the professional world.

Offerings include 

  • Overview Presentations

  • Workshops

  • Individual Programs

The results include more

  • Enthusiasm for work and life,

  • Confidence

  • Productivity

  • Success

Overview Presentation: A summary of the Train Your Brain to Stress Less and Thrive Method. Lasting from 20 to 40 minutes. A limited number are available complimentary.

In my workshops, I teach people to

  • Create a “challenge” response, instead of feeling threatened when stressed.

  • Use negative emotions for a productive response.

  • Analyze the thinking that leads to stress and shift to a success mindset.

  • Harness stress so we reach our goals instead of harming our health.

  • Practice building new neural pathways and habits.

  • Actions to change the body’s physiological reactions so they are in control.

Types of Workshops:


  • Achieve Success with Less Stress. This interactive workshop teaches participants how to apply the method to any situation.

  • How to Harness the Power of Negative Emotions


  • Become a Brave and Amazing Cold Caller: How to Overcome the Stress of Cold Calling


  • Achieve Your Goals: Proper Goal Setting and Overcoming the Barriers to Reach Them


  • Become Enthusiastic, Inspired and Motivated. Imagine an office full of people like this!


  • Grow Your Confidence: Think of all you could do, if only you believed in yourself.


Workshops are customized in length and depth to suit your needs.

Customized subjects can be created based on the specific needs and goals of your business.

Please, call me at 404-786-3859 or to discuss your needs.