Ideal Client

I am excited about helping busy professionals train their brains to stress less and thrive.


I can help almost anyone learn to stress less and thrive. However, the people who have the best success with me embody the following characteristics:


Eager to Learn and Apply: Students of my program that have the most success are those that are open-minded and diligently apply what they learn about changing the way they think so they stress less.


Dependable and focused: My most successful clients are those that keep our appointments and show up on time. In addition, they spend our time focused on learning to stress less instead of multi-tasking. They recognize that to truly succeed at developing a calmer, more balance life they must dedicate this time to making the stress less program work.


Ready to make a change: My clients who best learn to stress less are those that are ready and willing to take the next step in a positive manner. This will involve some exploration of what is currently causing stress. Clients who can go from dwelling too long on the negative circumstances and move to a new mindset are the clients who thrive.


Clients who would truly benefit:

  • Executives with big demands on their time.

  • Professionals with young families who are trying to “do it all.”

  • Small business owners who are “wearing many hats” for the success of their business.

  • Managers of departments with a staff and a direct report (double the pressure!).

  • Anyone feeling pulled in too many different directions in a constantly changing environment.


Are you ready to move from stress and frazzled to happy and thriving?

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