Hi, I’m Kelli Clay. I coach professionals and

train their brains to stress less and thrive.

My Inspiration for My Stress Less and Thrive Program

As a professor at Georgia State University, I created a college class in which I taught students to “Stress Less, Achieve More.” My students’ life-transforming success stories inspired me to take my teachings to the world. They came to me saying that they had better focus and energy for school, better grades, better relationships and a more positive outlook. If college students can get these benefits, imagine what it can do for working professionals with full lives. See my personal story below to find out what it did for me.

My Personal Story

I am naturally a Type A, high-stress person. I tend to be impatient and easily frustrated with normal hassles of living. Between work, raising a family and the demands of life, I have experienced anxiety and even depression. That is what motivated me to develop my stress less program. Don’t get me wrong, applying my methods to my life has not made me infallible to frustration and stress, that is just life and my DNA. However, I’ve used my methods to train my brain and respond in a more productive way. My friends now tell me that I seem so patient and easy-going. I still have my challenges but instead of expecting perfection, I’ve learned to be kind to myself. As a result of applying my methods consistently I have more energy, am more productive, have better relationships, a greater zest for life and I’m just plain happy. I want this for you, too!

My Background

I worked in the corporate world for six years after graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in mechanical engineering. Then I found my passion in wellness so, I went to Georgia State University to earn a master’s degree in the field of kinesiology and health where I first began studying stress management. After that I managed a corporate health-fitness center.  


I began teaching at Georgia State University, Perimeter College in 2004 where I created a Scientific Perspectives of a Global Problem class I called, “Stress Less, Achieve More: The Mind Body Connection.” During that time, I also started my business coaching people to better health.


 In addition to my master’s degree, I am a certified health and wellness coach through Wellcoaches, Inc. and an exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine.

Now, my focus is helping professionals like you stress less and live their best lives!
Let Me Help You.