Hi, I’m Kelli Clay. I coach professionals and

train their brains to stress less and thrive.

My Inspiration for My Stress Less and Thrive Program

As a professor at Georgia State University, I created a college class in which I taught students to “Stress Less, Achieve More.” My students’ life-transforming success stories inspired me to take my teachings to the world. They came to me saying that they had better focus and energy for school, better grades, better relationships and a more positive outlook. If college students can get these benefits, imagine what it can do for working professionals with full lives. See my personal story below to find out what it did for me.

My Approach to Stress Less and Thrive:


Step 1: A Whole New Perspective


I’ll help you identify your stressors and show you how to shift your perspective by building new neural pathways to manage your limbic system (the stress response part of your brain). This will help you immediately feel more in control of your emotions. When stress hits, you will fill calmer and more confident in your ability to respond.


Step 2: Becoming Powerful


I’ll teach you to build resilience to work and life adversity by using simple, actionable formulas you can apply to your stressful situations. With greater resilience you will be a more flexible thinker and stop feeling stuck in a mental loop. Using these tools, you will be able to pause and respond to stressful situations in ways that make you proud and powerful.

Step 3: Feeling Good


I will help you train your brain to handle any discomfort no matter what your circumstance is which will lift your mood and energy. I can’t give you more time in your day, but this shift will make you feel like you have more time. People will be drawn to your inviting mood and relationships will improve. You also develop a more optimistic attitude and should expect compliments that will encourage you further.


Step 4: Better Results in Work and Life


I’ll show you how to improve your focus, so you can get more done in less time with a clear head. With more focus you will be more productive, make fewer mistakes and get better results. Once again, the ripple effects of this are profound.


Step 5: A Triumphant Life


Then, you’ll start to leverage your increased enthusiasm and performance when we pull all of this together to make it work for your lifestyle, for good. With enthusiasm you will look forward to your day (instead of dreading it). Improved performance will lead to new opportunities in work and life.


Typical results are:

  • better relationships due to a calmer, happier connection with others.

  • a healthier lifestyle because they aren’t turning to coping strategies that have negative consequences such as stress eating.

  • achievement of goals without the wear and tear stress has on our bodies and minds. It feels almost like an anti-aging formula.

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